Dobbels Meat

Izegemstraat 64
8770 Ingelmunster (Belgium)
tel. +32 (0)51 33 10 40
fax +32 (0)51 33 10 47

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Finest From Belgium
Ever since the foundation in 2007, Dobbels Meat is a member of Finest From Belgium (FFB).
Finest From Belgium? Yes!!!
In the sphere of exclusive gastronomy, Belgium really is a precursor. 12 companies, all of them expert in their own culinary speciality, have joined forces to offer you the finest assorted meat products. A true selection of exquisite delicacies and nutritional ingredients with only one purpose : the realisation of the very best creations. Your customer’s senses will be thrilled with our tasteful and top-quality products. (professional federation)
Dobbels Meat is a member of the national federation of producers of meat products and meat cans.